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New York – from Times Square to Broadway

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Tourists to New York will find in Times Square one of the most memorable moments of their trip to the Big Apple. Whether they’re taking in a Broadway show or riding the Gray Line sightseeing bus to see the high spots street by street, visitors will find most of the biggest punch of their trip to midtown packed into that half-mile of cultural landmarks. As a hub for just about everything from transportation to travel directions to popular dining and shopping, Times Square is almost impossible to avoid, anyway, and can act as an appropriate starting point for one’s journey to other points in the big city. To get you started, have a look at this 10 Minute Tour of New York:

One of the great international highlights along the strip is Madame Tussauds wax exhibits along 42nd St. at Times Square. As part of the worldwide chain of the great wax museum, you’ll find entertaining replicas of some of the major celebrities, Hollywood stars and other public figures right at street level. Some travelers have been startled to almost bump into what they thought was Morgan Freeman or Angelina Jolie, only to find it was a life-size wax model replica of those stars situated right in front of Tussauds. The many interactive exhibits go beyond the simple wax figures, and extend to presentations of an entire simulated setting, such as Superman’s Metropolis, or a mini version of a famous New York disco.

In addition to the world-famous theater district that hosts New York’s top Broadway, as in musicals, a number of nearby studios transmit TV programs to the nation, including the David Letterman show (housed in the old Ed Sullivan theater), Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock (broadcast from 30 Rockefeller Center) and other TV shows. The visitor who is really on his or her toes can secure advance tickets to be in the studio audience when these programs are aired live or recorded, giving one the unique delight of witnessing the TV hosts and performers in a theatrical experience.

New York Tours

New York Tours

Some of the most interesting stores in New York are conveniently situated right along Times Square, including the very famous Virgin super store. This mega store features an almost museumlike design with multiple divisions for different types of music, videos, books, electronic equipment and other valuable souvenirs for travelers seeking a fascinating shopping experience. We can spend many hours in the middle of one of the most famous tourist traps on earth, just enjoying the gift shops along Times Square, without even seeing the actual attractions!

Front and center to the visitor’s Times Square experience are the shows along Broadway, ranging from Disney’s the Lion King and Mary Poppins, to the Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and other leading the award-winning productions. Here, as with witnessing Jimmy Fallon was David Letterman live as part of a studio audience, is a chance to see Oscar-winning actors and world-class dancers and singers in their natural setting. Tercel often also astonished that the amount of expensive production values that come with a world-class musical or dramatic play on the Broadway stage. The Broadway experience is one of the most unforgettable aspects of any tour of New York.


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