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Gray Line New York – A Closer Look

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Grayline New York bus tours have been the best source to view New York City since 1926. Their 48 hour and 72 hour tour packages are a great way to enjoy New York City (pdf). The city’s fascinating destinations and remarkable architecture including world famous buildings like the Empire State Building and Chrysler buildings can be experienced on the Grayline New York tours.

The deluxe double-decker buses and luxury motor coaches of Gray Line New York have facilitated many enthusiastic tourists to feel the pulse and excitement of the city. With its unlimited opportunities to hop-on and hop-off, one can see it all from uptown to downtown and Brooklyn to Queens. Grayline New York also offers the unique foreign language guided motor coach packages on its city tours, which are accompanied by French, German, Korean, Italian and Spanish tour guides. Its other exclusive packages include one-day tours to Niagara Falls, Washington D.C and Philadelphia to name a few. One can also get to shop at some popular premium outlet malls to get a first hand wholesale shopping experience. However, the special attraction of Grayline New York is its night tour of the city. One can savour the amazing night life and the sights and sounds of New York City like never before.

grayline new york

The best seller of this illustrious organization, by far, is its 48 hours and 72 hours hop-on and hop-off package that includes uptown, downtown and Brooklyn; tourists can also opt to go on the night tour. With more than 50 destinations, it offers the best of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The itineraries may vary during the holiday season, with special discounts and other offers introduced during Christmas and the summer season. Grayline even offers ADA accessible buses for special customers on prior request. It sells tickets of major attractions and their staff is ever ready to assist its customers. The New York Association of Hotel Concierges has bestowed the famous bus operator with the best sightseeing tour company award. Their sightseeing value packages enables you to save big money. The Company offers a $5 discount on online bookings with what is called a Grayline New York coupon.

The well known all American bus tour hero has recently roped in Whoopie Goldberg as its ambassador who was also honoured as a ‘Ride of fame’ dedication. With this new feat in its kitty, the signature red Grayline New York has truly become a proud fixture of New York City.


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September 19, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Grayline New York Sightseeing Buses

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The heart of Grayline New York tour operation in the big city is its world-famous bright red double-decker bus system. These buses operate year-round all over the most parts of Manhattan and selected areas in Brooklyn, and give travelers a convenient way to ride around town directly to featured tourist attractions, while getting tour information from a live person. Some visitors from the UK feel right at home getting on the bus, although beyond the double deck aspect the vehicles are very different from the coaches in London, which are actually part of London’s mass transit.

The “All Loops Tour” ride package allows you to hop on or hop off the tour buses and various locations for 48 hours without limit, as you see various sites and events within NYC. The roofless upper level of the bus makes it easier for tourists to take unencumbered pictures of the sites while en route. It is the ideal solution for people who want the peace of mind knowing they can resume a sightseeing ride at any time across those two days, yet stop at any point to shop, browse, picnic and otherwise fool around in the Big Apple. These Grayline New York buses in turn reduce time spent getting to the attractions, clearing up more time for travelers to enjoy the spots they want to hit on their trip.

Grayline New York

Grayline New York has 21 sightseeing loop buses in their system, that are modern, clean, and even energy-efficient or “green.” They also operate nighttime buses and special coaches, but these vehicles do not have the double-decker or the hop on, hop off element about them. This gives more choices to tourists, some of whom want a dedicated bus tour without interruptions, and others who may want amenities (such as air conditioning close) that the open air double-decker buses do not have. This last element has been the cause of some riders giving mixed reviews regarding the loop buses, saying the upper level of the bus can be uncomfortable on super hot summer days, or during the winter months.

The hard-working tour guides on the Grayline New York sightseeing buses provide interactive experience to travelers in both explaining the sites and to some extent being able to take questions from travelers. These guides try to stay abreast of recent changes and circumstances at the attractions, and are therefore better “on the ground” experts to trust in providing visitors with reliable information about the city. They are the equivalent of wait staff who know or can suggest to you the best deal on the menu (or in this case, the traveler menu), and so deserve to be tipped for their services.

Overall, as an iconic image of sightseeing in the city, the red Grayline New York buses are such a well known brand that they have taken on the status of a tour traction in of themselves as for some travelers are concerned. While some wonder whether using local mass transit would be a cheaper way of getting around, think of the (typical) $45 cost of the sightseeing bus as a better bargain in terms of giving you the ability to hop off up to 20 times across two days to enjoy different aspects of the New York experience. That is equal to 20 fares using the regular train or bus, which may not even get you to the exact location of each tourist attraction.

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